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The #Heart4Homelessness fund at New Life Day Center has been created by local realtors who are committed to giving back to the homeless in our local community. The cause of homelessness is a natural philanthropy fit for those who work in and around the housing industry. We’d love to partner with you to highlight homelessness as your chosen philanthropy for your business and recognize you for your impact on this vulnerable community.

If you are a local realtor or business within the housing industry and would like to give back through the #Heart4Homelessness fund, we offer several donor recognition levels and helpful marketing materials raise awareness of your commitment to the cause.

Many realtors choose to make a donation to New Life Day Center and honor their clients with a portion of their donation as part of their closing gift. Other individuals and businesses choose to sponsor a day ($50/day) or a week of coffee that we serve to our clients.

Please let us know how you would like to partner with us in the cause of healing homelessness in our local community.

Donation levels include:

Level Amount Pledged Annual Participants Needed Participating Individuals and Businesses in 2023-2024
Platinum $2,500+  4+  
Gold $1,500+ 10+  
Silver  $500+ 50+  
Bronze $250+ 100+  
$50/Day 360+  


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