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Jeff Maki (1964 – 2019) was a homeless artist whose talent was discovered because of the
elaborate futuristic city scenes he drew, almost daily, on Styrofoam coffee cups at the NewLife Day Center in Lexington KY.

His art was colorful, imaginative, and unique. This is
one of the extraordinary pieces that he created and has been printed to honor his life,
talent, and to bring awareness to the plight of homelessness in Lexington and the nation.
The proceeds from the sale of this print will benefit the New Life Day Center.

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Lexington, Ky Skyline

13.5X10.75 (Print $20 / Shipping $5)


UK Football Stadium

12.25×11 (Print $20 / Shipping $5)


Both Prints: UK Football & Lexington Skyline

(Prints $35 / Shipping $5)


Lexington, KY Skyline

No Shipping: Pick up @ Day Center


UK Football

No Shipping: Pick up @ Day Center


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