We Listen. We Assist.

We Pray.

We Listen. We Pray. We Assist.


A Connecting Point

New Life Day Center Exists to be a connecting point for those experiencing homelessness to get connected with the various community services to help them exit homelessness and find immediate shelter, needed programs, permanent housing, and sustainable long-term employment. In addition to providing a respite from outside weather conditions when many overnight shelters are closed during the day, NLDC provides daily breakfast and coffee, a place where they can receive mail, and locker storage for regular clients who check in every 30 days. Types of community services that we can assist our clients to locate include:

Options for temporary and permanent shelter
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and sober living homes
Daily toiletries, socks, hats, and gloves
Help with accessing potential benefits through the Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration
Referrals to local community resources that provide more extensive case management, clothing, meals, and showers
Access to the medical and mental health services via the clinic co-located in our building
Faith programs twice weekly
Employment programs


The Statistics

New Life Day Center assists those in need in the downtown Lexington area. Through our services, we help empower individuals to become stable, independent, and proud. With your help, we serve some of our city’s most vulnerable in life-changing ways. We use your support to help offer medical services, get panhandlers off the streets, house individuals, and ultimately connect them to Christ.

Clients Registered Since 2011
Annual Shelter Hours
Monthly Clients Using NLDC as Mailing Address
Annual Panhandling Van Route Runs
Cups of Coffee Served Annually
Lockers Assigned
Weekly Volunteers
Individuals Served Each Day
Cleaning the community

The Panhandling Van

In 2016, there were upwards of 125 panhandlers on the streets at any given time in Lexington. Other cities had success with a public awareness campaign and panhandling van to reduce the number of panhandlers on the streets. Mayor Jim Gray tasked New Life Day Center with benchmarking and operating the End Panhandling Now Van to reduce numbers across the city.

Not only has the van reduced the number of active panhandlers by over 85%, hundreds of miles of city roads have been picked up in our first three years! The panhandlers also prefer to work for their money, rather than standing on the street corners which is dangerous and demeaning.

How the Panhandling Van Has Helped: 
11: Number of panhandlers that work per day
2-10: Number of miles cleaned per day
150: Number of bags of litter picked up per day

*In April of 2016, 125 panhandlers were counted on the streets.
In September 2019, 15 panhandlers were counted on the streets.

55 Gallon Bags Litter Picked Up
Donuts Served Annually
Church Services Annually
Annual Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Accessible Health Services

Bluegrass Community Health Clinic has partnered with New Life Day Center and provides medical services through its on-site clinic operations. Medical professionals offer preventative and ongoing medical care for the clients at NLDC. Clinic hours for medical providers are Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. For more information on what BCHC provides, please visit their website.

The Services Provided by Nurses Include:

Adult and geriatric chronic and episodic primary care

Blood Pressure Screening

Blood Glucose Screening

BMI Screening (Body Mass Index)

HIV Oral rapid testing/screening/education

Oral Health Screening (checking teeth and oral health)

Dental Vouchers (Good for 90 days and $150 of services, additional dental financial assistance is available upon request)

Vaccines: Flu, Tdap (Tetanus), Covid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella


The Services Provided by Medical Providers Include:

Doctor assessments for acute and chronic conditions

Written prescriptions (no regular refills and no medications will be distributed on-site)

Women’s health care: pap smear, contraception/family planning, and pregnancy diagnosis

STD education, screening, and treatment

Referrals to external referral resources (dental, HIV treatment)

Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment (Vivitrol injections for opioid/alcohol dependence)


The Services Provided by Mental Health Providers Include: 

SBIRT (drug and alcohol assessment)

PHQ (depression assessment)

Counseling for mental health issues

Referrals to other mental health professionals (at clinic and otherwise)

On-site behavioral health provider daily

Psychiatric nurse once/week

Other Services Include: 

Care Coordinator—Uber health

Pharmacist on site for medication consults and patient education

We're Here to Help

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