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We Pray.

We Listen. We Pray. We Assist.

The Statistics

New Life Day Center provides assistance to those in need in the Lexington, KY area. Through multiple different services, NLDC is able to empower individuals to become stable, independent and proud. With your help, we are able to contribute and serve in multiple life-changing ways. We use your support to help offer medical services, get panhandlers off the streets, house individuals, and ultimately connect them to Christ.

Clients Registered Since 2011
Annual Shelter Hours
Housed Through RDA
Annual Free Van Trips
Job Placement Through Toyota Tsusho Jobs

Advocating for a Better Future

Clients of New Life Day Center will have an opportunity for full time employment, with benefits, at Toyota Tsusho Jobs in Georgetown, KY. Clients will work a ten month program where they will learn essential job skills and recovery skills to not only get a job, but to keep a job long term.

To qualify and gain employment, clients will follow the 10-month program listed below:
  1. Willing candidates will interview with one of two retired former CEO/Managers volunteering their time.
  2. They will then work on our Panhandling van for 1 month where strict attendance will be required.
  3. Afterwards, clients will attend one of two selected local 6-month rehabilitation programs. Throughout this time they will address their physical addictions to drugs and alcohol. In addition, they will address spiritual, emotional, and family issues that have kept them on the streets.
  4. Candidates will then work for 3 months for DV8 Kitchen (operated by Rob Perez) where they will prove that they can work as a team and last in a full time job setting.
  5. Once a candidate has made it to the final stage, they will interview and be hired by Toyota Tsusho Jobs for a full-time job. To help in their journey to success, all candidates will be assigned a “jobs coach” during their first year of employment.  
Cups of Coffee Served Annually
On-site Storage Lockers
Weekly Volunteers
Individuals Served Each Day
Cleaning the community

The Panhandling Van

In 2016, there were upwards of 125 panhandlers on the streets at any given time in Lexington. Other cities had success with a public awareness campaign and panhandling van to reduce the number of panhandlers on the streets. Mayor Jim Gray tasked New Life Day Center with benchmarking and operating the End Panhandling Now Van to reduce numbers across the city.

Not only has the van reduced the number of active panhandlers by over 85%, hundreds of miles of city roads have been picked up in our first three years! The panhandlers also prefer to work for their money, rather than standing on the street corners which is dangerous and demeaning.

How the Panhandling Van Has Helped: 
11: Number of panhandlers that work per day
2-10: Number of miles cleaned per day
150: Number of bags of litter picked up per day

*In April of 2016, 125 panhandlers were counted on the streets.
In September 2019, 15 panhandlers were counted on the streets.

55 Gallon Bags Litter Picked Up
Donuts Served Annually
Church Services Annually
Annual Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Offering Health Services

Bluegrass Community Health Clinic has partnered with New Life Day Center to provide an on-site official clinic site. Medical professionals offer preventative and on-going medical care for the clients at NLDC.

The Services Provided by Nurses Include:

  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Blood Glucose Screening
  • BMI Screening (Body Mass Index)
  • HIV Oral rapid testing
  • Oral Health Screening (checking teeth and oral health)
  • Dental Vouchers (Good for 90 days and $150 of services, additional dental financial assistance is available upon request)
  • Vaccines – Flu and Tdap (Tetanus)
  • Health Education and nursing questions, can refer patients to clinic as needed

The Services Provided by Medical Providers Include:

  • Doctor assessments for acute and chronic conditions
  • Written prescriptions (no regular refills and no medications will be distributed on site)
  • Referrals to external referral resources (Generally dental, rarely other providers with the exception of HIV treatment )

The Services Provided by Mental Health Providers Include: 

  • SBIRT (drug and alcohol assessment)
  • PHQ (depression assessment)
  • Counseling for mental health issues
  • Referrals to other mental health professionals (at clinic and otherwise)
Assistance in Lexington KY
A safe place to
build a future

40 % of our homeless clients have regular income, yet they are homeless. A huge barrier for them, was coming up with first month’s rent AND the required rental deposit (often as much as one month’s rent). Our Rental Deposit Assistance Program was developed from a client opinion service where we asked what services aren’t being offered in Lexington that they need. Our laundry program also came from a survey.

The concept is simple, if a homeless individual receives enough verifiable monthly income to support themselves in stable housing, they qualify for a rental deposit grant. 

New Life Day Center assists the individual who earns income through employment, Social Security, VA benefits, or other verifiable income sources, into a stable living environment by assisting with costly rental deposits. If the client is not a New Life client, they must have a referral from a verifiable agency (VA, Public School System, Church etc.)

How the Rental Deposit Assistance Has Helped: 

315: Number of clients housed since 2016
75%: Percentage of those clients that stay housed
(for at least a 1 year period)


Assistance in Lexington KY
A Christ Centered
connecting point

While working to end homelessness is our mission, our first and most important goal is to share the grace, love and salvation of Jesus Christ. Our center is not affiliated with any one church or denomination, but simply serves the community and shares our love for Jesus through each and every interaction.

There is true freedom in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Whatever it is you are going through in life (homelessness, addiction, loss, unemployment, disease) we know that a personal relationship with Jesus is the answer.

Through staff and volunteer testimonies, our three weekly faith-based services, and through client redemption stories we are able to show the love of Jesus to our community.

Open Door Policy: New Life Day Center does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

Worship Service Information: Sunday, 1:00 pm
(Experience worship, testimonies, sermons, and fellowship)

Weekly Bible Study: Hosted at 9am by Grace Fellowship
(Discover more about what the Word of God says about life’s problems and solutions!)

We're Here to Help

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